Beginning the Program

Posted on January 28, 2011


Hello! My name is Jordan Taylor Hovis. I am 21-years-old and a junior at San Diego State University, oddly enough located in San Diego, California. I love writing, but I want to get out and do something great with the talents I’ve developed, not pass it on to unappreciative English students at a high school somewhere. At least, not yet. Instead, I want to sink my teeth into Journalism. The Government Watchdog. The Press. Newspaper.

The thing is, when I started college, I saw myself as a hot-shot newspaper reporter, writing articles that got society by the balls and made changes. However, it’s pretty damn clear that things are changing. The New York Times announced in September that it will be probably go out of print by 2015 and want to start charging for its online services. Things are going to the Internet and will probably stay there.

So, let’s start with basics. Social networking. I’ve got a Facebook, I’ve got a Twitter, I’ve got a Tumblr, and now I’ve got a WordPress blog. All are places for people to find my thoughts and comment, if they so choose (and I like when they do). It’s my own way of getting ‘in print’ until I actually DO get there.

And that’s what this blog will be about. Getting there. I’ve many things in my life that I currently want to achieve, and there are many obstacles in my way. Obstacles that I will jump over, find a way around, or knock right the fuck down.

Hence, Hurdles of Life. Let’s get started…

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