On the Menu

Posted on February 9, 2011


Rather than diving right on in to what is going on in my life, I am going to summarize what I’m going to be keeping track of with this blog. As mentioned, I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to achieve, and it’s an ever growing list. Throughout the course of my blogging, I will be dropping old goals that are no longer being pursued or have been completed, and picking up new ones. I won’t necessarily mention each goal every time, but unless I outright post that something is now a closed door or something along those lines, you can safely assume that I’m still working on them.

Here’s what’s currently on the menu:

The Newspaper- I am aspiring to join the Daily Aztec, the San Diego State student-run newspaper. I have a means of getting in through friendship with an editor, and I am also applying to write for the Backpage, which is in dire need of comedic writers. I intend to fill that void and bring laughs to the masses.

Der Backerei – I’m currently an associate at Panera Bread in Grossmont Center, La Mesa, California. It is the busiest and most successful restaurant in the Panera chain in Southern California. As an alternative career, I’m looking to make my way up the food chain and become a manager.

Vroom! – As lame as this may sound, I do not have my driver’s liscense. It is a work in progress. I never needed it in high school, and I didn’t have the drive (hah) to obtain it until very recently. Now, I have my permit and the chance to get a decent car, something that was never a reality before. Good motivator when your grandma is offering you $5,000 to get a vehicle.

Master Chef – During my first year of college, I subsisted solely off of pepperoni Hot Pockets and white chocolate raspberry Häagen-Dazs ice cream. I gained 40 pounds. It was gross. Instead, I’m teaching myself to cook! Good alternative to fast food and greasy microwaveables.

The League of Evil Exes- Okay, so it is only one ex that I really have in mind, rather than a whole league of them. I’m doing my best to distance myself from that whole mess and advance myself FOR myself. It’ll help me if I keep track of it.

This isn’t everything I’ve got on my plate, but it’s what’s at the front of my mind.