Major Change

Posted on January 18, 2012


As of 9 a.m. today, I started the Spring 2012 semester of my fourth year at San Diego State. I can scarcely recall a semester, in my time as an Aztec, that I’ve been this excited about! The main reason is this- though I still need to submit the finalized paperwork, I am officially changing my major to International Security and Conflict Resolution (ISCOR), with a specialization of Justice in Global Systems. ISCOR was already my minor as of Spring 2011, but the classes I took for the minor each intrigued me more and more, particularly International Politics and Nuclear Security. I already live with two ISCOR majors that have been incredibly supportive of the decision (though they may be slightly biased) and I got the new major application filled out and signed off on by Dr. Allen Greb around mid-day.

Aside from being particularly enthused by the subject of international relations, I am excited about the fact that I am now able to move forward as a college student. With the JMS department and pre-requisites, I had more or less backed myself into a corner. During the last three years at State, I did not really understand the gravity of getting sub-par grades in the classes that the JMS department requires you to take in order to be accepted to the major. I figured, what the hell, if it’s a problem for them, I can retake it later! Except unmotivated, uninformed freshmen-sophomore Jordan didn’t understand that there are limitations in place to prevent students from repeatedly taking courses over and over and over. If you score at least a C, you pass and cannot retake the class for a higher grade. If you take a class twice, you cannot take it a third time unless you petition to do so. And for some stubborn reason, I didn’t want to talk with any major advisers about how I’m supposed to go about fixing these things and NOT screw myself over.

That worked out oh so well. I started this semester realizing that, if I remained a JMS major, I would not be able to take any classes toward my major this semester. I tried to scrounge up enough classes for my minors (ISCOR until today, German as of late-Fall 2011), but even then could not meet the 12-unit minimum to be considered a full-time student. Instead of trying to rationalize taking more crap-shoot filler classes, as I have done every so often, I decided to change my major to something I would not only be more enthusiastic about, but be able to make progress as a student.

On the downside, I do have to take some pre-requisite classes for ISCOR. I’m currently locked in for World Religions and Philosophy of Ethics… both 101 intro classes. Not terribly excited about those after the plethora of mouthy freshmen I witnessed interrupting the professors with ‘I already understand the world’ rants. But then again, I was there once…

As for JMS, I’m keeping it on as a second minor. I figure I might as well get SOMETHING out of the effort I expended toward it. The central issue is that I can’t retake a handful of classes, as I mentioned above. Lanie Lockwood, the major adviser for JMS, recommended checking Assist to pinpoint classes I can take at community colleges over the summer to substitute my poor grades and pump up my GPA for the JMS Minor pre-requisites. I’ve already taken the Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation test (and passed on the first attempt!) and the Writing Placement Assessment (got an 11 out of 12!). Just need to raise those old grades.

Grossmont College, Summer 2012 semester, here I come?

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