Keep Running Up That Hill

Posted on February 18, 2012


While maintaining a good diet is certain key to losing weight, it’s not all you can do to stay healthy.

I write this to you while sitting in front of my computer (having done nothing for the past three hours) and eating cheesecake-filling red velvet cake for lunch.

Proof. Beautiful, sexy proof.

But I think I’ve earned this scrumptious lunch cake this week. I’ve started getting back into exercising in conjunction with my normally healthy diet. At the start of fall semester last year, I had started going running around College Area (the neighborhood around SDSU) with a good friend of mine. We’d go running early on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, around 8 a.m., jogging near the house I lived in last year. The 63rd/Brockbank/East Falls route off of Montezuma is just a simple loop, with the road meeting up with itself and one hill at the start and end. Sadly, life got in the way; said friend went through a messy breakup and lost the motivation, while I was slowly drained by a busy school/work schedule and preferred to sleep in instead.

So, since I’ve been eating healthier as of late, I decided to enhance my (very) steady weight loss and start exercising again. This time, downtown.

Across the street from the hotel I work at is the San Diego Convention Center, the site of countless business conferences but more widely known for hosting Comic-Con International and the California Democratic Party Convention.  The Convention Center was opened in November 1989, designed by its architects to reflect the maritime history of coastal San Diego by evoking the image of sailboats atop a flowing wave of glass coming ashore. It was originally an open air venue, but they enclosed it with glass to convince people to use it year-round.

Right in the dead center is a set of stairs that takes you up and over the SDCC, so you can reach Embarcadero Park and the walking path on the west side (the Gaslamp Quarter being on the east side). It is on those stairs that I now exercise.

The SDCC, with stairs just off-center

I started running stairs after seeing a few of our guests do it on their downtime, as well as a few of my coworkers. I ran it once with a coworker and then stopped after awhile, since it totally killed me the first time I tried it. But this week, I’ve done it three times! Each time I go, I have power-walked over to the base of the stairs, stretched a bit, then run up the stairs and run back down again three times. Three is currently my limit. After that, I feel confident that my legs will give out if I try another set. Yeesh. But after doing this a third time last night, I must say… it wasn’t nearly as bad.

All the benefits to running stairs (as opposed to just running) can be found here. It’s really great for slimming down, and I plan on continuing to do it.

I generally just go after work, since I’m already across the street at that time and it’s cold outside near midnight so I don’t have to deal with the San Diego sun discouraging me from doing this. Last night, I actually jogged from the hotel across 5th Avenue and West Harbor Drive  (the street that the SDCC is on) instead of just walking over. That was most likely brought on by the Irish folk music I was listening to. Rakes of Kildare is a really powerful motivator!

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