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Posted on March 1, 2012


Hello March! New month, new post… though I really want to be more consistent than that…


If you’ve read my blog at all, you’re probably aware of the fact that I changed my major to something I’m enjoying more. ISCOR is holding my attention better than Journalism did, and also lacks that crushing feeling of incompetence that I was getting from still not being in the Journalism program. Journalism is still my minor and I’m planning on taking some transferable units at Grossmont Community College to correct any poor grades.

The only problem that I’m having with ISCOR is that, for the minor, it was only really upper division classes. Classes that are generally intended for students that have been at SDSU a couple years, maybe more. People that have developed as college students and developed work ethics (hopefully). The last batch of ISCOR classes I took were like that- students bringing up valid points, stimulating discussions, simulation debates of international issues (i.e. the Greek debt crisis, or Iran and nuclear proliferation). They’ve been fun and intelligent.

But part of my major change, the part that I do not enjoy whatsoever, is that I have to go back and take some intro classes required for the program. As a freshmen-sophomore at State, you have to take a ton of general education classes to evenly spread your knowledge base before you channel your energy into one subject (or more).

I’m basically having to do it again for a few classes, and let me tell you… I do not like it.

At all.

I am taking two 101, intro level classes. I am fine with the content- the subjects are World Religions and Philosophy, both things that I find intriguing. But the people in both classes… ARGH. I try not to think of myself as some sort of hyper-intelligent übermensch (because trust me, I am not), but eavesdropping on conversations about how frat parties are more important than classes and watching some guy play an online video game on his laptop for a full hour of class REALLY drives me up the wall. You are paying thousands of dollars to sit in SDSU’s classrooms and be lectured by their professors, why would you play video games for an hour? Take notes! Pay attention! It’s not like I’m giving my professors 100% of my attention while I’m in class, as I’m likely texting my girlfriend or quickly checking the Internet on my phone, but a video game? And getting trashed in a filthy club house is not at all more important than your education.

This is a mentality that I’ve developed over the last few years, of course. I used to be in their shoes. I was a freshman who had just discovered the wonders of a) having a personal laptop that can go all of the places and b) alcohol. I definitely did not give school my all when I first got to San Diego.

But from where I’m standing now… yeesh. Can I go back in time and slap myself? Is that a thing yet?

The other downside to 101 classes is that most professors assume that ALL of their students are from this batch. That they aren’t paying attention, or they’re going to ditch every other class, or that they’re too busy with their smart devices to care. As such, the classes take roll (which is so high school…) and chastise you for not doing EXACTLY what the syllabus says.

My World Religions professor berated me specifically, in front of the class, for not having the reading assignment with me in class. I was able to summarize the section of the Quran she assigned, why do I need to print it out and show you that I brought it with me? That doesn’t prove a damn thing about whether I’ve read it or not, and it wastes paper! I’m going to look at it once (during class) and then stuff in one of two places- a notebook pocket that it will NEVER come out of, or the nearest trashcan.

In any case, I’m 22-years-old and hold a full-time job and am doing just fine with my other classes that don’t expect me to print a bunch of useless papers, or require me to scribble on a sign-in sheet. Do you really need to scold me like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar?

Hopefully I don’t have too many 101 classes to tackle after this semester, because I’m not entirely cool with the treatment.

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