Jobs Jobs Jobs! Part 2

Posted on March 6, 2012


I’ve been dealing with some personal stresses this week, so let’s go ahead and talk about one of the causes… work!

Admittedly, my job at the Hilton San Diego Gaslamp Quarter is not a very stressful one. I am an associate at the front desk, where I check guests in and out of the hotel, handle their accounts and membership profiles, attend to guest needs and requests, etcetera. While I get the occasional unhappy guest that decides yelling in my face is the best way to vent his anger, I generally don’t find that very stressful (though it is irritating). Really, it’s just how the work hours mesh with the rest of my schedule. I am a full-time employee at the Hilton SDGQ, working 40hrs/week. I’ve had it mentioned to me occasionally that I should probably cut back, but I enjoy spending time at the hotel. And I certainly enjoy the money that I make working here! I’m able to pay off my rent and bills and still have money to throw around on personal use, or add to my growing savings account. It’s something that most college students don’t get to do, and I don’t like having the “poor college student that needs his parents’ support” schtick applied to me.

I got this job almost purely because of my girlfriend. In one of my many rants about the State of Jordan’s Life, I had complained to her about how little respect I had garnered from the managers and how few hours I was getting at my previous job. Instead of letting me wallow in angst, she helped direct me to the application for the Hilton. She went so far as to open the application itself and made sure I filled it out. I probably wouldn’t have otherwise; I was convinced that I was doomed to work food services forever until I got my degree.

Apparently having three years of food services under my belt was enough to get me hired at the Hilton. In my group interview, I converted all “What would you do in this situation?” questions to match my background. “Now, instead of the guest being upset with their room, let’s say it’s a sandwich…” I tried to snappy with my answers and friendly with my demeanor. It seemed to do the trick; my second interview consisted of being informed that my availability blew and that if I could be more available, I’d get the job. I started up as part time and moved up to full time, once I gave Panera the axe.

My time at the Hilton has been supremely rewarding, I’d say! I make more than I did in my previous ventures, that’s for sure. Additionally, I’ve been recognized for my excellent services time and again by management and hotel guests both. The hotel is located in a very entertaining area, and I’ve definitely had some fun adventures out in the Gaslamp Quarter. Maybe not enough adventures!

I’ve pushed for promotion a few times already, and this is the first time that I’ve ever actually had a job where it was a realistic goal due to my hard work (I don’t mean to sound like I’m stroking my ego… but it’s true). The first time I applied for supervisor was kinda laughable; I was ‘green’ in the hospitality industry, having only worked at the hotel for 3 months. I recently tried again, and though I didn’t get the position, the management honored my efforts with a sort of elevation. I get to serve as Manager-on-Duty a few times a month. Pretty neat stuff. My first shift as MOD will be on Thursday.

Aside from gaining work experience in hospitality and the experience of working downtown in a major city, I’ve also managed to make connections with some very awesome people. A few of my coworkers are very collected and organized people who I have been able to turn to for advice on any situation I’m dealing with.

(In particular, I’ll give a shout out to the delightfully pleasant Lizze Jaeger, my former supervisor who has moved onward and upward in the business.)

It’s helped me grow a great deal, and I’m blessed to have such an awesome job during my college years.

Hilton San Diego Gaslamp Quarter

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