Posted on March 17, 2012


Midterms snuck up on me like a ravenous vampire and drained all my energy away. I’m at the point where I am noticeably grouchy if I haven’t had a drop of coffee to drink. Speaking of which, I’m going to start brewing a pot once I post this. For the longest time, I’ve just mooched off of my housemate’s coffee supply, which at one point was totally fine because he got it for free at a Starbuck’s down here in San Diego. That is not a thing now (though he is a part-time barista), so rather than stealing from him, I’m actually buying my own. And making at least one cup a day, and making it STRONG.

This is what I’m hoping will happen, so that I can accomplish all that I need to in the next week:

And I have lots to do.

  • German oral presentation, due Monday, need to decide what I’m even doing it on.
  • My brother’s birthday – drive up after class Monday and drive back when done? We’ll see…
  • ISCOR midterm on cybersecurity that I think will be easy, because the teacher is being laid off and does not care any more.
  • Homework interspersed throughout for German classes; thankfully those 101 classes don’t expect much.
  • Work work work, possibly picking up extra shift due to coworkers vacationing (and I’m already at 40hrs.)
  • Clean room and fold laundry somewhere in there… preferably sooner since I’m expecting company later.
  • Eat?

Not a long list, but time consuming. And then… SPRING BREAK is just around the corner, taunting me from the calendar.

So… I’m going to go make that pot of coffee. And I will put nutmeg and Irish cream creamer in it. And it will give the speed and focus of a Greek god (right?).

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