Spring Break Addendum

Posted on March 25, 2012


Posted by request. This is how asleep Chris was.


A few things I wanted to add to my Spring Break to-do list. If I just edited the original post, I doubt many people would notice. I’d rather draw attention to myself by making an all new post!

I want to build the Brandenburg Gate! Die Brandenburger Tor is the historical gateway into the German capital, Berlin. Finished in 1791, it served as a symbol of Germany’s division into West and East during the latter half of the 20th Century, and of its reunification in the early 1990s. And now you too can have your very own Brandenburg Gate! In miniature Lego form goodness.

Brandenburger Tor auf Lego

I couldn’t help but snatch it off the shelves at my local Barnes & Noble (though you can also order it online at Amazon!). It appeals to me for a few reasons. One, I’m studying German language and (by default) culture with it. The Brandenburg Gate is a major landmark and tourist attraction (Sehenwurdigskeit) in Berlin, so that caught my attention. Two, I LOVE Legos. I used to play with them ALL THE TIME. A throwback to my childhood, complete with simple instructions, sounds like a delightful little activity for my spring break.

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