Spring Break Accomplishments?

Posted on April 6, 2012


Oh boy…

So I listed a bunch of things that I wanted to get accomplished this last week, which was SDSU’s spring break.

I didn’t really get much of it done. Says a lot about my planning skills.

1. Sleeping happened sporadically, but I didn’t manage to establish a strict schedule to help me wake up at decent hours. I think the only way I could establish that is if I just had my mother come live with me in San Diego and wake me up every day at 7 a.m. As that is a totally ridiculous idea, that won’t happen, so 7 a.m. will be seen only sometimes, like Tuesdays and Thursdays before class. The idea of doing it everyday is FALSE.

2. I managed to finish Tina Fey’s Bossypants. If you haven’t picked it up, it’s Tina Fey’s autobiography. It’s an entertaining mix of adulthood wisdom and awkward childhood stories all blended together with Tina Fey’s dry sarcasm and witty observations. I enjoyed it, you’ll probably enjoyed, and she enjoyed writing it. Or so I like to believe. However, I didn’t start any new books. I actually committed the cardinal sin of seeing a film adaptation BEFORE I read the book. The horror! The Hunger Games was a fantastic film, but I’m disappointed in myself for not having read the book first. When Fellowship of the Ring came out back in 2001 (it’s ten years old, what?), my father required me to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy before I was allowed to see the movie. I’d only read The Hobbit by that point, so I hunkered down with the books and tore through them in a few weeks. I did the same with Harry Potter, with the last book coming out my senior year of high school (I finished it in three days, doing nothing else during that time). Why don’t I have time for that now?

3. Oh German, you’re kicking my ass… I think over the summer I will just be reviewing the textbooks I have from the beginning, so that I can move forward with the German minor without having to bang my head on the desk every time I start translating or trying to speak it. My real problem is remembering things like ‘dort’ and ‘doch’ and ‘sondern’ (which are all things like ‘there’ and ‘but’) and appropriate sentence structures. I also cannot handle trying to formulate sentences when speaking German. It just doesn’t work right now. Ugh.

4. I went to Newport Beach and saw the family. I guess that counts as going somewhere, but it wasn’t quite the epic plan of driving the Monterey that I had in mind. I ran that idea by my dad to see what he thought, and so far he’s the only person that understood the awesomeness of just driving off to be alone with your own thoughts for a short time. Maybe over the summer for a few days… we’ll see.

5. It’s been two weeks since I posted on the blog. So much for rhythm. I tend to open up WordPress and get ready to write something… then get distracted or lose motivation. It happens with a lot of things. Is there something wrong with me?

6. I watched… two episodes, I think? Or maybe it was just one. Great episode though, regarding whether or not events in time can be altered, if a human being had the ability to step back in time and attempt to do so. Professor Peter Corrigan goes Back There by some odd twist of fate to try preventing the assassination of President Lincoln, having full knowledge from the future that the event would happen. It’s one of my favorite episodes.

7. I won’t even mention the state of my room, aside from my laundry still being a lump in the corner. Actually, two separate lumps- one for dirty clothes, and the clean clothes are in the hamper. Go organization!

8. I haven’t gone running at all. I don’t have the time and I don’t have the energy. Though I suppose I’d have more energy if I started going. Blah.

9. Cooking healthy? Bwahahaha…

10. Car is still dusty. It’s impossible to keep it totally clean, but I have wipe for getting rid of the dust and keeping the leather nice. Just need to take the time to use them.

10. The Brandenburger Tor remains in its box.

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