Giving Thanks

Posted on November 22, 2012


Turkey dinner circa Thanksgiving 2005, Grandmother’s

Oh hai dar blog.

Today, I find it appropriate to make a post regarding Thanksgiving, to show some reflection and appreciation for the hurdles I’ve managed to jump, and the things I have managed to accomplish in jumping them. It gets harder to clear further obstacles if you don’t take some time to be thankful for those who have contributed to your completion of goals or for situations that allowed you to move forward in life. Without thankfulness, it’s easy to become arrogant and attribute your successes to your own greatness.

Also, I am not able to run back home to my family and friends in Newport this Thanksgiving due to the fact that hotels don’t close on holidays. Might as well take the time to reflect for myself.

So, let’s start off by being thankful for…

My parents. Without them, I wouldn’t exist. Hah. But really… if I didn’t my parents’ love and support, I have no idea where I’d be, or who I’d be! While I don’t talk to them as often as some of my friends do their parents, I call them when I have some impressive or exciting to share, because I want them to know that their progeny is getting ahead in life. Or I call them when things are tough, because I know they’ll lend some expert advice for breaking through. I’m thankful that, whether for better or for worse, I can call on them for anything. I’m thankful that much of my personality draws from significantly from them- my dad’s love of history and tendency to be a social butterfly, and my mother’s thoughtfulness and creativity. I thank them both for being them.

My siblings. It’s been interesting watching them transform in the last couple years and getting to know them better than I ever did while living with them. They’re comfortable with themselves and always available should I need them, and I’m thankful I can give them brotherly advice! (Or mock them… I mean, we’re siblings, not friends, right?) My brother’s mentality that we’re ALL weird is certainly something I’ve picked up. I’m thankful that they’re my siblings.

My old roommates. I’ve spent a good chunk of my college time living in company of America’s future leaders. Their conversations and interests certainly led me to choosing my major, and I’m thankful to have men that I love and respect as brothers. I’m thankful that, though we no longer live together and are pursuing our lives, we still see each other often

My friends in San Diego. While we’re all busy these days and it’s difficult to get some free time, I’m thankful that I still have tons of people that I can call up if I want to go out and have a good time, or if I just need to chat and feel social after a busy week. It’s nice knowing that I’ve got a social network, and I’m thankful for it. I’m particularly thankful for any friends that I’ve reconnected with in the last year (I feel as though there were many!). Picking up old friendships is a great feeling, and I’m thankful to have experienced it in 2012. So is picking up new friendships, which, again, I’ve made many! Thankful for that as well.

You all know who you are.

My friends from Newport. I’m thankful that we keep in touch! And that some of them even visit me in San Diego. I cherish the time we spend together when we’re able to coordinate and meet-up, and I always cherish our rollicking high school days. (I’m NOT thankful that I can’t go home this Thanksgiving and see everyone, mind you…) I’m thankful that I can tell people my rambling stories and have them be about my epic friends from my formative years, and that my San Diego crowd occasionally gets a glimpse of them.

My coworkers. I’m thankful to have learned much and more from my coworkers at the Hilton and at Panera, about being professional and making hard choices, about humility and knowing when to stay out of things and let you do your job, about trying to motivate others to accomplish more and work hard. I’m thankful for them all.

My job. I am certainly thankful that I am employed, but also that I have been given opportunities to grow and learn as a hotel employee, and that they recognize my talents and hard work. I’m thankful that I’ve developed a tendency to see things as a challenge, instead of blowing off the extra work or the unwanted schedule changes or the angry guests.

My ex-girlfriends. I’m thankful that they’ve given me the opportunity to really learn how to forgive, and to examine myself and know where my flaws lie. Whether I was too easy to push around, or too pushy myself; whether I was too needy or too lacksadaisical, now I know and I’ve worked on those things. I’m thankful that we had good times (I mean, they can’t all be bad or it wouldn’t have happened!), and that we keep in touch, and that they helped me grow.

My best friend. While my best friend is often far away in North Carolina, I’m thankful that our friendship can be picked up at the drop of a hat. We’ll spend months without talking, being busy guys like we are, and then resume a conversation we were having the last time we were together. Sharing traveling exploits and drunken adventures and musical interests never gets old, and I’m thankful that I can share that ‘I met my best friend when I was 6’ story that everyone will someday label as ‘bullshit.’ But we’ll know the truth, buddy.

My girlfriend. Our early 20s are hardly a time for solid, lasting ANYTHING. Yet Tania has remained a supportive anchor for the last (nearly) two years. I’m thankful she puts up with my worst moments, and that she’s there for the best moments. I’m thankful she likes my cooking, and that she likes to bake me delicious treats. When given the opportunity to choose movies, she goes with corny 90’s action flicks, and doesn’t mind listening to my rants about work or school, or that I try to share intricate details about something I learned when she really has no idea what I’m talking about. I’m thankful that I can play my ideas and goals off of her and get her opinions. I’m thankful that I got my better job because she made me apply. I am thankful that we’ve taught each other patience and understanding in a way I don’t think either of us knew previously. I’m thankful for her love and respect, and that the feeling is still mutual. And I’m certainly thankful to be spending Thanksgiving with her, since I cannot spend it in Newport this year!

I find it fitting, since this is me we’re talking about, that all the things I’m thankful for are mostly people.

What are you thankful for?

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