Posted on June 12, 2013


It’s already been about six months since my last update. 2013 is jogging by quickly, what with the spring semester at SDSU already a month gone and the hot, hot days of July in San Diego sneaking up on us all.

While I haven’t had a totally carefree summer in a few years, I’m still thrilled that it’s here. With summer comes flexibility and freedom – I’m not constantly splitting my time between a full-time work schedule and a superfluous amount of college readings and assignments. For those of you that saw me at all this semester, you know that ‘fun’ left my vocabulary for a little bit. Ultimately, it was worth it; I didn’t get the promotion I wanted at work, but I did pull off solid grades and raised my GPA another smidge, and that’s my priority right now. I’ve finished my Minor in German Language, and only have a handful of classes remaining for my Major in ISCOR. Woohoo!

But, oh my gosh, have I missed seeing people. A bunch of people probably gave up on talking to me because I was so busy. In response, I have smashed as many hang-outs and kicking-its and drinky-times into the last three weeks as humanly possible. Renewing old connections and catching up with fast friends has been the name of the game.

Also this… ‘reading for fun,’ thing. I forgot how delightful that is! I’m currently picking my way through Persian Fire by Tom Holland, a documentation of the Persian Wars against Greece (for those without the historical fascination I possess, basically “300” time period). Yes, I’m reading a history book for fun. Next will be A Hundred Years of Solitude, which has been staring at my jealously from the shelf after I started it and put it back down because school burned the joy of reading out of me. And then Feast for Crows, from the Song of Ice and Fire series, which I only got halfway through before it suffered the same fate as A Hundred Years.

I’m going to cut this short and go for a run with the girlfriend. I’ve been monitoring my calories and making sure I don’t overeat or scarf down things I don’t need to in order to drop some weight, and been on a few jogs and bike rides here and there where I can fit them. I’ve lost about 8 lbs. since the end of April using an app called ‘Lose It!’ to keep track of my diet. Handy stuff.

I intend to update this more often now that I’ve got time! Check back and keep up.

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