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I’ve Always Wanted to See a Martian

June 9, 2012


I’m beginning to find that it takes some compelling event to motivate me to write again, whether it was the passing of an old neighbor or changes in employment or academic studies. This time, it was the passing of Ray Bradbury (1920-2012). Most people will recognize his name as being the author of Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury’s […]

Spring Break Accomplishments?

April 6, 2012


Oh boy… So I listed a bunch of things that I wanted to get accomplished this last week, which was SDSU’s spring break. I didn’t really get much of it done. Says a lot about my planning skills. 1. Sleeping happened sporadically, but I didn’t manage to establish a strict schedule to help me wake […]

Dropping the Ball

April 11, 2011


As a brief foreword- I wish to note that I drafted this post three times in the last month. – Alright. So I messed up. I dropped the ball. When I started this blog for JMS220, I went in with a plethora of ideas. The vista before me seemed like an excellent opportunity, since the […]

On the Menu

February 9, 2011


Rather than diving right on in to what is going on in my life, I am going to summarize what I’m going to be keeping track of with this blog. As mentioned, I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to achieve, and it’s an ever growing list. Throughout the course of my blogging, I […]

Beginning the Program

January 28, 2011


Hello! My name is Jordan Taylor Hovis. I am 21-years-old and a junior at San Diego State University, oddly enough located in San Diego, California. I love writing, but I want to get out and do something great with the talents I’ve developed, not pass it on to unappreciative English students at a high school […]